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Mike's Oscar Awards Fashion Review 2008!

click on the pics of the actress for large size photos

Best Dressed female actresses:

keira knightenly knightly nightly kiera keeraKeira Knightley:
Keira Knightley body has a sexy perfect shape and perfect color... covering a very beautiful actress. Furthermore, Keira Knightley caked on wayyy too much make up. Keira's dress is amazing. I was really surprised by how much makeup she was wearing when shes such a natural beauty. All in all it wasn't the best Oscar night fashion-wise, but Kiera's dress was lovely.

salma hayek blue dress nice buttSalma Hayek :
Salma Hayek's dress looks great with her skin-tone. Matching skin-tone to colour is so important. Damn shes got some huge boob implants. i could not stop staring at those things when she presented a award. When Salam Haeyk isn't sporting the Frida uni-brow she is drop dead gorgeous. I heard a rumour that Penelope Cruz and Selma Hayek are secret lesbian lovers as they're always spotted together and apparently two women can't be best friends without such rumours. Oh God i hope it's true. DAMN YOU SALMA HAYEK for making me want you so much! All these years and you're still so beautiful!!!

chinese women woman girl girls Naomi Watts She pulled it off.
Not literally, I don't mean she stripped. Naomi Watts just looked bad on Oscar night. Which is very strange. She's a very attractive lady usually.

Worst Dressed Actress:

Zandra Rhodes Zandra Rhodes:
Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes looked as hideous as usual. I admire her spirit.
This photo of Zandra Rhodes is begging to be photoshop. COSPLAY get!

charlize theron charlise charlie therno heron threonCharlize Theron :
What the hell is that Charlize Theron? The material looks really weird - kinda rubbery. That bow on your shoulder is a disaster. Looks like something out of Christina Aguilera's Fighter video - not a compliment. charlize Theron is hot but that dress really sucks. Ms Theron is normally hot, but she got misguided on her dress this time. Charlize Theron's dress looked like a 1992 Scaasi wedding gown, but in black. UGH. Have you watched Christina Aguilera's fighter video?

Heath Ledger girlfriend wife woman ex exwife girl woman spanish hot italian italian Michelle Williams:
Nice dress, horrid colour. Not good with her pale skin. What does Heath Ledger see in you? Michelle Williams i think was the worst dressed, for some reason i absoloutely hated that colour on her... i thought she stood out. And looked nice. Her hair completly complimented the whole look, and her soft make-up gave it that exrta fresh clean touch. She look good, and one of the best.

Yeah! Reese Witherspoon's dress was a 1950s Dior original! She found it in Paris!

Best Dressed Male Actor:

Ben Stiller was the best dressed man. Ben Still was incredibly sexy in that green suit.

Three 6 Mafia

Jamie Foxx As much as I dont like Jamie Foxx's face. I looved his black/blue suit.

I hate all Black and white suits boring.

Mikes Notes and Tips!

Men: try to always go classic. A tux with a shawl collar always looks appropriate. Avoid fads. No weird colors, no ruffled shirts, no color-edging.

Women: try to be classy. Wear a color that flatters. Don't wear anything that blocks the view of the people behind you. If you want to wear vintage, make sure it's classy vintage and not kitsch.

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